How the affiliate program Works

Step 1.

Sign up and copy your referral links (or use the banner ads we provide in the “Creatives” section).

Step 2.

Add the links to your website, send them via email to your list, share them on social media, etc.

Step 3.

When a visitor clicks on your links, a tracking cookie will be stored on the visitor’s computer.

Step 4.

If your visitors order our services, you will earn commissions based on the rates provided.

Ways to make money with flawless

As an affiliate enjoy earning commissions on a range of high-end, conversion focused services for musicians.


$50 to $100

Per Music Video Referral


$9.98 to $49.98

Per Logo Design Referral


$4.97 to $19.97

Per Cover Art Referral


$12.48 to $49.98

Per Promo Video Referral

Professional Services & amazing Earning Opportunity

At Flawless Music Videos, we pride ourselves in delivering amazing music videos with a bold focus on quality over our competition. We have a spectacular 5 star rating from every client and we proudly display our reviews right on the homepage. You’ll see how much our clients love us!

For you as an affiliate, this means you can promote our extremely high-quality services and the artists that you know will benefit from it.

In addition, we are focused highly on our conversions and marketing efforts, so naturally, our own sales material is highly polished and proven to get your highest EPC possible.

Why should you join the flawless music video affiliate program?
  1. It’s free to join
  2. It’s secure & organized by a leading design company (Flawless Website Design)
  3. Earn up to $80 per referral
  4. Clean & engaging marketing tools
  5. 60 day cookie duration
  6. Receive free services & goodies for high performing affiliates
  7. Get premium affiliate support
  8. Track sales in real-time
  9. Make money in the music industry & grow your network
  10. Be a part of a successful & growing brand!

Top 5 Benefits of Promoting Flawless Music Videos

1. Spectacular Services

Do you like recommending awesome, luxuriously high-quality video services? Then this is a promotion for you!
Our team of elite developers is bringing cutting-edge video production to artists in a combination of services that are a must-have for any musician, artist, band, or record label who cares about getting great video work. Your audience will love you for recommending Flawless Music Videos.

2. Amazing Pay Scale

We sell graphic design, photography, and video services, but our core offer is a highly valuable music video package, where artists receive a full HD music video, YouTube thumbnail, and photoshoot as a combined deal. For each person that you refer that purchases this deal, you will receive $50 to $80! If we are able to upsell them on other services such as a promo video or logo, you’ll receive additional commissions!

3. Lifetime Commissions

You will make commissions on each person you refer for life! That means that if you refer someone to us and they make a purchase, you’ll receive that commission, but also any other purchase that this person makes with us, you will receive commissions. For example, if you refer an artist that purchases a music video with us, then waits 6 months to purchase another music video, you’ll receive a commission on both music videos. If they come back to us after another YEAR, you’ll make another commission. Your affiliate account will be tied with their customer account with us.

4. Tracking & Conversions

We continuously release new music videos to promote and you can earn commissions from previously referred leads and customers, even if you don’t promote every service that we release individually. You’ll be able to view the statistics of your marketing efforts, including clicks, referrals, and commissions.

5. Paypal Payouts

We pay our affiliates via PayPal. Make sure you have a paypal account set up before getting started. We use PayPal to process all of our transactions so that our clients and affiliates can pay and receive money securely and quickly. PayPal is a trusted merchant with a major focus on account security and safety, which we take very seriously for all of our clients and affiliates.