Professional Music Video Company

You need an awesome video for your music to stand out. Get more likes, views and subscribers with Flawless Music Videos, a professional music video company in Denver.

1080p HD







Standard With All Music Videos

  • Full 1080p HD Quality
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Custom Video Thumbnail
  • Quick Turn-Around


How much does a music video cost?

Every music video is unique, making it very difficult to give 1 solid price for a music video. How many locations are we going to shoot at, how much time we’ll need to get the exact shots required for the video, the amount of time required for editing (especially with videos that contain a lot of FX), if you need models or even if we need to pay to book a location are all variables that go into making a music video. We highly recommend getting a music video quote for an accurate price on your custom music video. We can STILL inform you that we are the highest quality and we are an affordable yet professional music video company in Denver.

how long does the editing take?

Every music video that we have produced so far has taken us under 7 days to complete, from the date of the shoot to delivering the final video. We understand that you want to get your music out there now and we don’t hesitate to make sure that we get your new music video in your hands as soon as we can.

Do I get to pick the music video locations?

You have the option to choose your own locations, have us help you find a location, or book a premium location.
Read More About Music Video Locations Here

What if I don't like a few OF THE scenes?

We are very maticulous in picking the right scenes in the editing process, yet we know that once in awhile, you may not like a couple of the clips that we have placed in there. We offer 2 rounds of revisions to make sure that your music video comes out EXACTLY how you want it to.

what are your payment plans?

Depending on the total price that your music video comes out to, we have a couple of different options available to choose from. Most of our clients are OK with paying the full price at the time of booking, but for others, that may not be possible. We offer the flexibility for you to pay 50% to book us for the day of the video shoot and the remaining 50% due ON the day of the shoot. We begin shooting after the full payment has been received, and you will get your new music video within 7 days.

Do you provide a contract/agreement?

Every music video will come with an agreement with all of the terms outlined per our conversations about your music video. We provide agreements to protect not only ourselves, but also you in the event that we fail to meet YOUR requirements. We take our business very serious and we want you to have the upmost trust and respect for our work, as we promise to do the same for you.


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